Create a balanced dataset with high-quality images.

No more scripts and spreadsheets. Streamline creating data cohorts by viewing detailed data summaries, advanced filtering, and efficient image QA.

Powering the world's best radiology AI teams.From innovative startups to recognized known enterprises.

Build balanced datasets to increase model accuracy.

Summarize your data
Swiftly detect imbalances across all of your raw data to guide your data procurement.
Analyze with charts
Gain a visual understanding of your raw data, custom data slices, and training datasets.
Gain valuable insights
Open and close the insights sidebar, without distracting from your workflow. Choose which insights you wish to see, at any point.

Efficiently categorize your data into cohorts.

Deep search and filtering
No more scripts when navigating through your DICOM datasets. Now you can effortlessly select the most suitable data for your AI training.
Build custom views of your meta-data
Hide the metadata categories that you don’t need to focus on.
Balance datasets with cohorts
Split data across specific cohorts to improve the diversity and quality of your training sets.

Quickly preview and audit images with tags.

Easily identify and tag images based on criteria that you have customized, to clean your datasets.

Supercharge your AI development.