Collaborative & Rapid Medical Data Annotation

Teams building medical imaging AI use RedBrick AI to build high quality training datasets. Get started immediately, by scheduling a demo below.
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A unified labeling platform

Use a single platform to manage, accelerate and scale your medical annotation needs - from web based annotation tools to developer APIs, collaboratively and rapidly build high quality training datasets.
RedBrick AI Supports
CT Scan
MRI Scan

Automate up to 80% of manual labeling

Approach your labeling in a truly iterative, and automated fashion using Active Learning - brought to you in collaboration with Samsung SDS.
  • Combine state of the art Active Learning algorithms with a seamless user experience
  • Cut through the noise, only label the truly important data, and automate the rest
  • Leverage Samsung SDS Brightics AI for GPU infrastructure management & orchestration
Active Learner Confidence 52%

High-performance tools for all your labeling and quality assurance

With RedBrick AI, have your entire team working with the same tools and processes from a single platform. Move away from several locally installed tools, enjoy a unified platform.
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  • Quality assurance interfaces and features for enforcing high quality standards
  • Easy to use, high performance image and video labeling tools
  • Support for simple classification, bounding boxes, pixel segmentation and more
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Outsource your labeling and quality assurance

Interested in outsourcing your manual labeling efforts? Reach out to us with your requirements, and use our large partner workforces for a fully managed labeling project.

Enable easy collaboration between your team, and the external labelers, and continue to leverage all of RedBrick AI's features to manage and accelerate your project.
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Accelerate labeling through better processes

Build structured and automated workflows to accelerate your labeling projects. Enable quick iterations through human-in-the-loop systems.
  • Human in the loop workflows, and model pre-labeling for a truly iterative approach
  • High performance, and smart labeling tools
  • Automatic task assignment, task routing, and task tracking
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Manage your data workflows and scale your labeling

Your labeling processes can be complex and multi-step, configure a pipeline that fits your needs and repeatedly generate high quality labels.
  • Simple or complex workflows to structure your multi-step labeling processes.
  • Deep insight into quality and progress of projects.
  • Data storage with RedBrick AI, or custom on-premise servers, cloud servers (AWS S3) etc.
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Why you will love RedBrick AI


Unified platform and services

Manage your end-to-end labeling engine on RedBrick AI. Invite collaborators, and use RedBrick AI as a central hub for your training data processes.

Reliable and Quick

Enjoy quick turn around times, with complete transparency and ability to effectively project manage efforts.

Easy setup and configuration

As a web based platform, there is almost no set up required to get started with RedBrick AI. Just a few clicks and you're ready to go.

Getting started is easy

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Structure, automate, and qualify your training data efforts. Get started now for free, immediate access, no credit card required.

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