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Medical Data Annotation

Purpose built platform to help Healthcare AI teams build high quality training datasets

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Modern Platform

For Specialized Medical Annotation Needs

RedBrick AI is a purpose built application to assist medical imaging teams in annotating medical data like CT, MRI, Ultrasound, etc. Everything from data-upload, the annotation tools have been built with medical workflows in mind.

Measurements & other vector tools

Bounding boxes, landmarks and more.

Manual & assisted segmentation

2D & 3D, thresholding, region growing, and more

3D rendering and comprehensive layouts

Multi-series studies, MPR, and synchronized views

Native DICOM and NIfTI support

MRI, CT, Ultrasound, and more

A Unified Platform

For Everyone On Your Team

RedBrick AI is the home-base for your data efforts. The platform is built for annotators/clinicians, engineers and project managers. Easily involve your entire team in building high quality datasets.


Comprehensive labeling


Robust and flexibile APIs
for developers


Excellent project
management tools

Pixel Perfect Annotations

Through Collaboration & Quality Control


Manage User Roles

Add internal and external collaborators as labelers, reviewers, and admins

admin user roles

Track Workforce Metrics

Measure workforce progress and productivity. Identify critical issues early

admin user roles

Communicate in real-time

Ask questions and receive answers as a core part of your annotation workflow

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Quality Control

Quantify Annotation Quality

Structure quality efforts by measuring inter-annotator agreement, & more

admin user roles

Customize Quality Workflows

Structure review workflows with a configurable system

admin user roles

Standardize operations

No more ad-hoc excel sheets. Standardize your quality control

admin user roles

Developer Tools

to Seamlessly Interact With Annotations

RedBrick AI offers a comprehensive Python SDK and CLI to help developers interact with the annotation process. RedBrick AI also offers integrations with popular cloud storage systems like AWS s3, GCP, and Azure.

Data Integration

Secure data integration with cloud storage, to keep control over your data

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Export Data

Programmatically, import and export data with our CLI & Python SDK

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Faster Annotations

Speed up annotations by 60% by using your model pre-segmentations

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