The leading radiology data annotation platform
Leaders in radiology AI use RedBrick AI to generate ground truth 60% faster.
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Feel the speed

5x faster than manual annotation

Nothing like you've ever used before.

Pixel-perfect annotations
Region growing, thresholding, island removal, Boolean operations, and more.
Faster segmentation with A.I.
Use our Fast Automated Segmentation Tool powered by Meta AI's SAM.
Ergonomic 3D contouring
Use our contouring tool for 2D annotations and edits, and 3D interpolation.
"Our process has improved significantly, and our overall annotation loop is much faster thanks to a platform that helps you with the entire annotation cycle."
Jean-François Weissman
Cloud Solutions Architect

Feel the magic

The best viewing experience for DICOM

Medical images and data accessible from anywhere, all on your browser.

A real 3D viewing experience
All the viewing features you need, including MIP, oblique planes, and photorealistic rendering.
Rapid loading, even for large 3D studies
Data is intelligently cached and loaded lazily for a quick, first interaction.
"Segmentation tools like that of RedBrick AI are not found in any other cloud software."
Dr. James Ryan Mason
Neuroradiology Consultant

Make it yours

Adaptable to your personal workflow

Free yourself from any limitations on how you work.

The most user-friendly annotation tool you’ll ever see
Become a power-user with shortcuts and customizations.
Native support for medical imagery
Your favorite formats available out of the box.
A viewer personalized for you
Fully customizable layouts with automatic hanging protocols.
personal viewer
"All of our processes and workflows improved due to RedBrick AI."
Ritvik Jain
Product Manager

Seek perfection

Collaborate to create pixel-perfect annotations

Building high quality training datasets is a collective effort.

Build a reliable process
Use quality control workflows with multi-step review and consensus.
reliable process
Collaborate with 2 or 200 annotators
Seamless user management, task assignment, and infinite scalability.
Find annotation errors in real-time
Enforce quality standards with custom validation checks run in the browser.
Select a high quality and balanced dataset
Deep search and filtering, overview statistics of DICOM tags, and metadata analytics.
“RedBrick AI is really integral to how we develop AI at Annalise. It allows us to label all of our data in a comprehensive and efficient manner.”
Jarrel Seah
Associate Director of Clinical AI

Be in full control

Built for AI development in compliant environments

Retain total ownership of your patient and annotation data while being fully compliant.

Control your annotation process with APIs
Import, export, assign, search, and much more through our SDK and CLI.
Your data stays safe with you, in your hands
Integrate your own storage or a third-party provider.
Used for FDA and CE clinical validation studies
Full audit trails of workflows and support for clinical validation workflows.
“RedBrick AI literally combines the best of both worlds, the technicality of a traditional annotation software and the user experience of clinical radiology viewers.”
Dr. Amine Korchi
Chief Medical Officer
Designed and built for radiology AI

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