Invite collaborators to your organization to speed up work

Invite several team members with varying permission levels to manage your labeling processes.

Keep track of your workforce progress and productivity

Automatically keep track of how much your workforce is doing, and how much time they're taking. If you're collaborating with an external team, you can monitor them using these insights.

Have complete transparency into who has done what

Leverage the workforce insights to better train your labeling workforce and monitor the output of each individual.

Why you will love RedBrick AI


Unified platform and services

Manage your end-to-end labeling engine on RedBrick AI. Invite collaborators, and use RedBrick AI as a central hub for your training data processes.

Reliable and Quick

Enjoy quick turn around times, with complete transparency and ability to effectively project manage efforts.

Easy setup and configuration

As a web based platform, there is almost no set up required to get started with RedBrick AI. Just a few clicks and you're ready to go.

Getting started is easy

Schedule a demo

Structure, automate, and qualify your training data efforts. Get started now for free, immediate access, no credit card required.

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Explore and get comfortable with the important components of the platform